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Designed for Reliability at Scale

Watchtower is built to guarantee 99.99% uptime and reliability regardless of scale.

  • Watches only subscribed addresses preventing unnecessary waste of resources
  • Uses multiple failover nodes / indexers as data sources
  • Powered by a distributed parallel background task queue for scanning of blocks and sending of notifications
  • Deployable to a Kubernetes cluster configured to be highly available and with automated horizontal scaling capability

Targeted Use Case

Watchtower is specifically built as a reliable backend to typical applications that integrate with BCH blockchain. It aims to perform very well within a limited set of features that include:

  • Highly available UTXO database
  • Webhook notification system
  • Two-way communication through websockets
  • Broadcast of signed transactions
  • HD wallet tracking
  • Double spend proof notifications PLANNED

Bridge to the BCH Blockchain

No matter how robust the BCH blockchain is, your app's performance is just as good as the bridge. Watchtower serves as your app's reliable bridge to the BCH blockchain.

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